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Fcking Forty

Back in November 2017 there was a call out to artists to help finish this comic book. Ed Siemienkowicz sadly died before completing a graphic memoir. He passed away from cancer. I didn't know the artist even though we both live in Chicago and both are part of the same art community. I do know a lot of people that had cancer and few close friends and family have died from it. I submitted my artwork to help and I contributed to one of the bonus pages. Cancer is horrible and I don't know what to say beyond that. There were some comments about the title of the book. My opinion is if you can't curse when you have cancer, I don't know when you can. As horrible as cancer is, I find it wonderful that over 100 people donated their time and resources to help finish this book. Strangers, family, friends came together regardless of politics, religion, and any other differences that may divide humanity. My artwork touch on the psychology of the artists coming together to finish his work and Ed. If you are going to the Comic Book convention, C2E2 2018 this weekend. Please stop by Artist Alley Booth P2

There's a write up in the Chicago Reader as well. Click this link. There will be a Kickstarter campaign soon.

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