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March For Our Lives Chicago

Over 80,000 people came to the March For Our Lives in Chicago on March 24th. For those that cannot come to Chicago, people around their own towns protested and carried signs. I wanted to be part of the movement to protest for commonsense gun laws. The energy was hopeful and bustling. The trains were packed with commuters patiently leaving the platform. Kids were at the playground with their signs for change. Helicopters buzzed nosily around us to capture the aerial shots of the marchers. It was not a warm day. I bundled up with 3 layers of sweaters and I wore snow pants. I managed to do a few sketches of the day. I wanted to keep it simple and decided to leave the people and landscaper untouched. I wanted to capture the orange that symbolized the movement. If you were not able to go to the march, I hope you enjoy my viewpoint of the day. These prints are off to the printers. A portion of the proceeds will be donated.

We Are Unstoppable featured the sketch above. We believe that part of lifting people up is making sure they are seen - we see you @art_deconstructed!#metoo #changetheratio #timesup#timesupadvertising #weareunstoppable#haveherback

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