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Copy, but don't steal

The best way to learn is to copy or imitate. You can take an artist you admire and see if you can make the same thing in the same medium or in another medium. Another artist I know is taking watercolor works and creating it in oil instead. Copying an artwork is hard enough as is, but changing mediums is even harder.

You may look at something and think you can create that, but you won't ever make a true copy. Think about it. Basic science will be involved. Time will oxidize or yellow art. Are you copying what you see or are you creating an artwork of what it was at creation?

When I first started as a programmer, I would do exercises. I copied chunks of code, not really understanding how things were put together. As I grew as a programmer, I thought about best practices and architecture. As I became an advance programmer, I thought about algorithm, time, space, reusability, and scalability.

Now, I am advancing as an artist, I want to master my craft as an artist. However, I think about evoking an emotion or purpose. That was my major push to create The Women's March Trio. I wanted people to remember a moment in time and push them forward to continue.

As I combine my two loves, art and programming, I think about how I will grow. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

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