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Saying Yes Means Saying No Too

Brooklyn Bridge. Ink on yupo paper

We all get pulled in various directions. But do you realize that when you say "yes" to an idea or event, you are also saying "no" ? Until you can make another you, you can only be at one place at one time. You can only do one thing at one time.

It is hard to turn things down if you look at everything as an opportunity. Look at it as time management. At the beginning of the day, you wanted to accomplish certain things. Did you get the opportunity to achieve that or you said "yes" to something that went against your goal?

This artwork is an example of saying yes, and no. It is inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC. It is done with alcohol ink on yupo paper. Saying yes to ink means not using bristol paper or absorbent paper. Saying yes to a dark colored bridge means not having a dark background. Working on this means not working on figure study, coding, and modeling 3d objects.

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