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Down The Rabbit Hole Or Focus

We all have been there. Something caught our interest and then we get sidetracked and then went off tangent to another idea. This can happen for any project.

Recently, I have been researching an idea for augmented reality. You may have heard of virtual reality. Virtual reality is where you go into a virtual space and interact with that fake space. Augmented reality is where you put a virtual object in a real space. As I was researching, I saw creating a phone app using Vuforia is expensive. So I looked into other options.

Researching other options meant I started comparing different augmented platform and their stability. I even ventured into researching about how to create my own augmented reality software and how much computer vision I need to understand. I don't doubt that I can write my own code. The issue is time and focus. At the end of my day what is my goal?

As you look at your project, give yourself a set time for research. Think about this when you are figuring a computer programming bug or art skill. For example you gave yourself a deadline of three hours. After three hours, evaluate what you have done. Did you go down a rabbit hole? Did you stay on track and can comfortably say that you need two more hours for research? The end of the day you want to be able to say how you manage your time.

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