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Failure. Big Fat F

lack of success.

  1. the omission of expected or required action.

As an artist and as a coder I think about failure a lot. When I first approach a project, my first thought is it is not going to turn out the way I expect it to. I will fail. If you are a seasoned coder, you know that whatever you first wrote will have their bugs. There will be corner cases you didn't think about. There will be assumptions you think that are true but then realize are wrong.

It's the same for artists. Your first attempt at creation will not go as expected. "But, I see artists that just whip out masterpieces!" you say. Really, think about that. They had done aspects of that scene before. That tree had been drawn thousands of times. That one point, two point, three point perspective had been practice on over the years. The color of skin tone they mixed up was done with trail and errors in the past. That artist put in the time to fail, and to learn.

What will you do at the end? Whether it is art or code. Look at what you created. That wasn't there before. What did you learn? What can you do better next time? Do you still count it as a failure?

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