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I am a mom to two little girls in elementary school. Elizabeth Stone is quoted “Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”

Last March, my girls' elementary school had a lock down drill. They learned what to do if monsters come. The imagery of this is unbearable. When things seem unbearable, I usually hide and paint.

In this image you see a mom carrying a baby. The baby is bundled up and secured with the caregiver. Three kids are ahead of her. All of them are walking towards the Capitol Building. The kids are hopeful. The mom is behind them. She is still able to guard them but not as joyful. She protects the kids, but the kids are the ones that leads her.


About original

Original was painted in watercolor. (11.7"X15.5")


About Giclee Print

12"X16"  digital prints on acid-free fine art paper and signed by the artist.


They are inkjet printed with archival quality ink.


I painted the original with watercolor.  

*These are not mounted on matboard but they are ready to frame. Product is shipped flat to prevent warping and creases.


What are giclee prints? 


Giclee print is the type of ink and printer used. Giclees prints are printed using pigment-based inks, while inkjet printer uses dye-based inks. Dye based ink color change over time and may fade. 

Expect Us. (Print or Original)

SKU: 2018-M-5-1
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